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Tim Bays is a master song craftsman, a warm and likeable man, and a spirit-lifting performer. "Everyday Magic" lives up to its title. He is magic and so are his songs. Do yourself a favor and soak your soul in this one.

"Tim Bays, a stark raving mad singer whose hilarious talking songs are rivaled only by his beautiful ballads."
      -- Will Lester, THE COLUMBIA RECORD, Columbia, SC

"With purity of style and understated fervor, Tim Bays absorbed the attention of all the diverse audience. Die-hard romantics, cynics and music lovers beware - this man will capture your heart."
      -- Valerie deVries, THE DAILY NEWS-CHIEF, Winter Haven, FL

"Bays turned in an inspired, professional performance, treating the audience to songs which ranged from the deeply serious to the outrageously absurd. Reminiscent at times of John Prine, Steve Goodman and Gamble Rogers ... Bays is a storyteller with truths that come from within. What makes him special is the vivid descriptions of the characters and settings in his stories and songs. (Bays) is an intelligent, complex person who cares about his audience and his art."
      -- Nelson Ross, THE RED & BLACK, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

"He consistently wowed (Kerrville Folk Festival) audiences and rattled off one great song after another...his bedside manner made him a crowd favorite."
      -- Allen Rowoth, FOLK DIGEST #509, Liverpool, NY

"Tim Bays is not just any folksinger. He has a strong, rich voice and plays the guitar as if he's played forever. With his performance, the 'Tuesday Happenings' are elevated to new heights ... he enraptured the crowd."
     -- Pete Phillips, THE TECHNIQUE, Georgia Tech University, Atlanta, GA

"As a musician he is a versatile six string guitarist with blues, jazz and country influences. As a vocalist he is impressive and capable of many things - he finished one song in Al Jarreau fashion and a few songs later might have been Arlo Guthrie. And his lyrics leave you with that 'Gosh I wish I had put it that way' feeling."
      -- Jim Sughrue, COLUMBIA NITE LIFE, Columbia, SC

What Listeners Are Saying

Tim Bays has the gift of speaking simply about matters that really mean something to us, things as simple as love and as complicated as the Universe. With humility, humor and a profound sense of wonder, he asks the questions of Everyman, and reminds us that we already have all the information we need to live an abundant life.
      -- Lenna Schultz

"I Believe" was the first thought I had as I awoke this morning. We have set a goal and a time frame in which to achieve that goal. As I prepare to climb that mountain, "Everyday Magic" is an "essential" part of my climbing gear.
      -- Zodi & Neil Thornburg

What a great way to start the week! I got "Everyday Magic" today, started with "I Believe" ...and worked my way through to "Shine On." This is one fine piece of work, a pleasure to listen to.
      -- Joe CallowayCSP,CPAE, Joe Calloway Business Motivation, Nashville, TN

I LOVED the Tim Bays CD, "Everyday Magic." Excellent, and if you get a chance to see Tim in person, hes absolutely AWESOME.
      -- Robert G. AllenAuthor of the NY Times bestsellers: Nothing Down,Creating Wealth and Multiple Streams Of Income.

Tim has a way of reaching right through the hustle and stress surrounding his listener....grounding us in a few verses, reminding us of simple joys and oft-missed beauty....letting each of us reconnect with the profound grace and humor and peace of human living.
      -- Joesph Montelepre

"Everyday Magic" is the perfect soundtrack for a morning with your children! It is love of life in musical form.
      -- Mike Rayburn

I use your music like a "fuel stop." It fills me with the energy, inspiration and motivation I need to keep going. We all need support and your music has been the most wonderful support for me.
      -- Marie Mosely

"Everyday Magic" is just that, wonderful, lyrical, musical magic. With every line of any Tim Bays song I'm thinking, "I wish I'd written that."
      -- Jan Haddox

Seldom do I find a CD "(Everyday Magic)" that is so personable. Every song speaks to me, lifting my spirits and inspiring excitement for the future...a great album.
      -- Fay Champagne

We are THOROUGHLY enjoying your music; we've laughed a little, cried a little, and shared it with everyone! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world - you help make it a happier place!
      -- Brenda Waddoups

Tim's work makes me laugh, makes me cry and makes me want to proclaim joy and happiness wherever I go.
      -- Lynn Hartz

Just thought I'd let you know that your album "Everyday Magic." has become my daily mantra. It helps!
      -- Sally Sowell

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