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Most Requested Programs

CrowdAll keynotes use songs and stories and liberal doses of humor. They are first of all entertaining and then offer tools for improving attendees' skills or attitudes.

Workshops are similar in content and style but add exercises and discussion. All are to a good degree adaptable to a client's needs, including the creation of customized songs.

What Are You Waiting For?*
Many of us are members of the Procrastinator's Club, a group that never gets around to meeting and whose motto is, "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the day after tomorrow." We have an infinite number of rationalizations as to why we have to wait, and those reasons fall into three categories:

  • We're waiting for the past to change.
  • We're waiting for today to STOP changing.
  • We're waiting for tomorrow to arrive.
    The litany of "I'm too busy/tired/old," "I don't have enough time/money/ability," "The timing/stars/signs aren't right," is endless. These rationalizations make sense in our heads but to those around us they are just excuses. This program helps attendees identify their own mental myths as to why they are waiting to be happier or more successful, offers tools for exploding those myths and encourages listeners to write a new script so they no longer wait on anything!

    Everyday Magic (Developing A Work/Life Balance)*
    People say "stop and smell the roses," but mostly step on them in hurrying to an appointment. Our present is given over to fixing the past or building the future, to regret versus hope, nostalgia versus fear. But it is in the moment that our answers lie, where we can find gratitude and be in touch with a larger, timeless picture; where "if only" and "what if" become a sunrise, a child's smile, a song. Since we can't take it with us, the least we can do is experience it while we're here.

    The Three-Legged Dog (Attitude Adjustment)**
    I have a dog, Shumway, with only three useable legs, a fact she utterly disregards. Being three-legged doesn't stop her from playing tug-of-war or catch-me-if-you can, harassing the cat, getting on the couch, begging (VERY effectively) or being happy in the moment. Apparently she doesn't think of herself as challenged and making an excuse of her limitation has simply never occurred to her. This goes a step (no pun intended) beyond overcoming adversity into saying "what adversity?" I asked my wife, Barbara, how Shumway had adapted so well and she said, "I guess nobody told her she couldn't!"

    Find A Good Enough Reason (Goal-Setting and Visualization)**
    If you donít have a clearly defined goal to arrive somewhere, youíll probably end up going nowhere. Without a strategic plan, arriving at even a clear goal makes for a crooked path. And once you have a strategic plan and a clear goal, you must still have the passion to achieve it or the obstacles along the road will seem too great to overcome. So even as you ask WHAT you would like to achieve, itís equally important to know WHY. The key to moving mountains is first knowing which mountain and then having a good enough reason to move it.

    Lighten Up (Stress Management) **
    Stress is a thief ... of our energy, health, productivity and happiness. As allergies overwhelm our immune systems, so stress overwhelms our ability to cope. But while we recognize the stress created by outside forces, we often don't see the internal stresses created by anger, fear, bitterness and self-defeating beliefs. This is NORMAL, the stress we carry EVERY DAY before anything goes wrong! The first defense is to reduce the emotional baggage and then to use a positive attitude, diet, exercise, adequate rest and a sense of humor to further lighten the load. Then you can not only trip the light fantastic, but the heavy one too!

    * Keynote
    ** Keynote or workshop

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